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AtoZcarpart.com is your one stop shop when it comes to used engines, because of the top quality we demand from our products. Our low mileage gas and diesel engines for sale are priced fair and competitively! We have a massive used engine and used transmission inventory that is updated hourly, to insure accurate and precise information.

Used Engines and Transmissions are very good alternatives compared to paying for expensive labor to have one rebuilt. Our used engines are low mileage, inspected for leaks, damage, and performance. Our quality standards are, if we would not place the engine or transmission in our own vehicles, we refuse to sell it to anyone! Our USA based warehouses are always stocked with foreign and domestic used engines and transmissions. atozcarpart.com is very particular about the products we sell, and will need some of your vehicle information to verify the engine or transmission you are purchasing will work with your vehicle. Because of the highest quality we offer, we back that up with up to 3 to 5 years of warranty.

How Do We Test and Inspect? Our technicians start with visual inspections. This process looks for damage caused by poor ownership of the vehicle the engine or transmission is being removed from. Next is performance testing, which consists of: compression testing, to insure each cylinder is strong and healthy. Our transmissions are checked for dark or discolored fluids, grinds or slips when driven on a dyno or down our test road here at our facility.

Why atozcarpart.com?

  1. Over 25+ Years In Business.

  2. Low Mileage & High Quality Used Engines.

  3. We Ship Anywhere In The USA.

  4. Get Up To 5 Years Warranty.

  5. Over 100+ Million Engines & Transmissions In Stock.

  6. Over 34k Shops & Service Centers Served.

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